Our job doesnot end with supply of  water treatment chemical, our hands are extended upto servicing of  the equipments like sand filter, Activated Carbon Filter, aerators, Valves etc in the Effluent and Water treatment Plants. This helps us to monitor effeciency of the Plant and our chemicals 



Recycling of waste solvents is being done not only to reduce the cost of production but also to reduce quantity of the effluent generated by the disposel of the waste solvent. This method is being effected by most chemical industries, engineering units, where this recycling solvents will not make any impact on the quality of the end product. We under take job work of recycling the solvent /kg basis, we have been distilling the  solvents for past two years  like furfuraldhyde, carbon tetra chloride, tri chloro ethylene and other solvents B.P ranges from 60degrees to 160 degrees centigrade.


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