Water Treatment Chemicals

We have been dealing Water Treatment Chemicals since 1993. Our main interests are Effluent Treatment Plants, in Leather Tanneries, Textile Processing Mills and other sewage treatment plants Treatment is done to achive the pollution control norms of the treated effluent we supply the chemicals according to the nature of the effluent and the type of treatment plant exist at the unit We supply chemicals like Alum Powder ( ferric , non ferric, ammonia ) hydrated lime  (rock ,shell., corel, sludge etc) and other treatment chemicals like ferrous sulphate , ferric chloride , caustic soda , other acids like HCL, Sulphuric acid , Sodium hypo chloride etc. Our service will not stop by the supply of chemicals we also assist in improving the performence of the treatment plant to achive the treated effluent norms.

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